How can I help?

Hang this poster in the window

Write on the poster whatever you want to share with those who have less. It can be a blanket, a vest, a coffee or even a willing ear. It makes all the difference. Solidarité Grands Froids collects the items you want to offer at home. Contact Cynthia Simpson at 0477 33 85 47 or

Posters are available at the following locations:
Copain, Barboteur, L'Estaminet, 1030 Café, Grafik, Boentje Café, Chez Marraine et les Trouvailles de Louise.

Download your poster

You prefer to help us financially?

We organize daily collections of clothes and other useful items that are distributed to the homeless.Thanks to your support, we can continue our work.

Or, if you prefer, you can use this account number:

BE82 6511 5585 6168

Good to know: as from €40 a year you enjoy a tax reduction. Thanks to this deduction you can recover 45% of your donation. For example, a gift of €40 will cost you in reality only €22 because you can deduct €18 from your taxes.

Meet Solidarité Grands Froids

Solidarité Grands Froids asbl is committed to improving the daily life of homeless people in Brussels. Thanks to donations and collections, we can give them the much-needed material support. Want to know more? Take a look at our website or Facebook page or send an email to!